Company Profile

EASY PACK MACHINERY established in year 1991 has grown to a leading provider expertise on PACKING MACHINERY AND FOOD PROCESSING EQUIPMENT in the Packaging and food processing industry.

EASY PACK has its headquarters located in Penang, Malaysia where the innovative quality design , skilled engineer, Marketing team and technical support originate are based in.

To provide machinery that meets customer requirement and satisfaction in terms of product performance, quality and reliability.

To provide quality equipment and service, be it a small enterprises or a large scale corporation, we work closely, understand customer needs and provide quality product and service to meet customer expectation for mutual business development and distinctive goals.


EASY PACK MACHINERY - establised in year 1991
EASY PACK TECHNOLOGY - incorporated in year 1994
EASY PACK MACHINERY (KL) - incorporated in year 1996
EASY PACK EXPORT ASIA - incorporated in year 2002
EASY PACK EAST COAST - incorporated in year 2003

BEST WORLD EQUIPMENT - incorporated in year 1997
Jointly owned company with KNOW HOW technology through business partnership from European, Japan and Taiwan whose main activities in manufacturing ice making machine, food processing and refrigeration system